June 2020, and the six months that have just past have been incredibly different from what we all know as “normal.” Covid 19 hit the UK. The country stood still, shh. The roads had little traffic, airports no planes, schools shut and hospital staff at all levels worked around the clock to try and fight something no one could see with the naked eye.

No one can see what has brought this international fear, economic insecurity and complete different way of living, almost over night. A war, a war on a virus across the world. The human race powerless.

Politicians debated into the long night hours, delivery services from supermarkets were at an all time high, as well as other services postal and such like. The world changed in an instant.

Then all over the country, in windows far and wide rainbows appeared. Painted ones, embroided ones, lace ones, sticky ones, banners and greeting cards. Rainbows everywhere. The country full of visible colour to cheer the folk, to bring a small token of hope. They brightened up a dull and gloomy atmosphere. Simple rainbows.

Lockdown eased in England, shops opening, dates for hairdressers and licensed premises to restart business all appeared brighter. But… will things ever be bright again?

At this time, riots are becoming headline news on a daily basis. People losing lives, not from Covid 19, from brutal attacks that the naked eye can see. Anger is dominant throughout the nation and globally too. Just like the virus, it’s sweeping through. Anger one letter away from danger!!!

So why, why, display rainbows to show hope, hope for a pot of gold at the end of it? Will there ever be an end? Covid 19 will surely stay as all virues do, HIV has. Progress will be made to find a vaccine. Perhaps that is what the beautiful rainbows were for. However, what about the aftermath, the anger, the frustration at all levels from the Government to the person staying home and staying safe. Do rainbows bring us hope? Will the world ever be the same again…???

Rainbows, beautiful, colourful, a gift from God, so why do humans destroy the meaning of the rainbow.

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