If we are lucky enough by the time we are six weeks old we will have full vision given to us freely through our eyes. We will recognise our parents and other people through their voices before sight is sought. Most people, most days take vision for granted, and why not. Its always been there…

Vision, we can see when we awake in the morning, open the curtains and see the weather, open the diary and see what lies ahead, open the cupboard or fridge door to choose our beverage or food. The list is endless and taken very much for granted.

However is vision really what we see?

Vision is surely deeper than that, its an understanding of the world, its a feeling of right and wrong, its spiritual. A blind person can sometimes see more than a person who has 20:20 vision.

To see clearly you need to relate, communicate and open up to everything. As humans we all get comfortable in our own worlds, oblivious to others. After all our own worlds are safe, secure and manageable. However nice this maybe, what do we see, really see. We only have vision for what we want.

Vision surely isn’t that. Vision is searching and looking beyond, behind, underneath and far. Vision is understanding other points of view even though sometimes we may not agree. Vision is not selfish its about knowing other people and their needs and wants as well as our own. Its seeing the world for the good and the bad and knowing what goes on outside our own domain.

Through vision we gain understanding, compassion, senativity, sympathy and empathy. Through vision we gain knowledge and understanding. Through vision we find ourselves. If we settle into our comfortable worlds with no vision how can we possibly know ourselves? There is nothing to focus on.

The old saying endorses this; “There’s more to -‐——, than meets the eye!!!! There is more to everything than meets the eye. Its what we choose to see. People have the highest degrees, diplomas. People have materialistic things oozing out of their ears and that 20:20 vision mentioned earlier. The question is “How much do they really see?”

Vision, far much more than a pair of eyes. Use your vision wisely and a wise man you will be….

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