A funny thing time…

Is it what we see on the clock? Is it a table of events? Is it a diary of memorable data? Time is really an invisible thing, yet something we are unable to stop, or take back. Time only moves forward.

What we do with time is however generally what we choose. We may not be able to choose our hours of work. However we can choose, what we do in our work!! Our leisure time is generally up to us to decide.

Time is freely given to us. Do we appreciate it? Time is easily, very easily wasted. Why do we waste something so very special? Procrastination steals our lives just as magpies steal other birds nests. Time is fair, it treats each human the same, it gives the individual twenty four hours and then repeats. All our days are made up of twenty four hours.

I, myself, me, have had many twenty four hours. Have I used them all wisely? The answer to that is a straight NO. My time wasted must add up to years, it does add up to years. Life has dealt me a quantity of blows and knocks that sometimes overwhelm, and take over. Regrets I have many. Dwelling on these times and regrets only takes up valuable and cherished times I have today. Those less favourable years have never gone to waste, as I use that time to really appreciate each new day given, given to me freely, as a gift, the time now is present, a present is a gift.

People have walked in my life that I thought would be there forever, they went in the wind, to where I’ll never know. People who I thought would only stay for the blink of an eye, are present today and have been for many days, months and years. We never know with time, what it will bring. We can plan. I am a planner, but I certainly never anticipated alot of my road, my journey. Thats fine today. As today is good. And today is all we have. Yesterday has gone, never to be lived again. Tomorrow is not here yet…

So in this time, in this present time, love with all your heart, give all you have to give, capture every moment, yes even the the poor ones, capture them, hold them, and cherish life for everything it gives you. Then my friends your time will tell a story like no one else’s.

2 thoughts on “Time…

  1. Many human creations concern t I m e. Music and Machinery. Work and Waste. Tardiness and Haste.
    Is it merely a measurement of both Growth and Decay ???


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