Covid 19 and I…

So after five or six days of not feeling one hundred percent and presuming I had yet just another chest infection, exasperation of the old asthma or Sarcoidosis I decided to call the GP. My usual GP was not on duty. I was given a telephone consultation with a prescribing nurse. She assured me that I had a chest infection and prescribed some mild antibiotics. I commenced them straight away and to cover myself I started on a course of prednisalone, just to cover my tracks. My symptoms usually ease after fourty eight hours. This time, oh, this time was different. Everything got worse, I couldn’t understand it. “We’ve got this wrapped up usually by now and life continues on its merry way. ”

It was early Saturday morning, shaking physically from head to toe, thinking I may have a temperature but, really too poorly to care. We rang the out of hours. They asked me many questions about chest pain etc, all of which were irrelevant to my call. They said I wasn’t an emergency and to go to A and E on my own. They would let them know. I had to go into A and E on my own. Details given and I was told to go and sit in a waiting room on my own. You could hear the silence. The sort of silence that you know deep down isn’t a good silence. Every second appeared to be an hour. Feeling lost and not at all well someone came and called me through. Base line observations done (it doesn’t always pay to have knowledge on these things ) Pulse 150 per minute, temperature 39.5!!! Something, seemingly isn’t right here. Still alone. X Ray done. No one would communicate with me!!! Then came the swab!! “I can’t possibly have covid I have been vaccinated and I have been sheilding .” Swab comes back and yes Covid 19 got me POW right between the eyes!!!I don’t suppose we’ll ever have the correct answer to that!!

Line in situ and away we go with the fluids. “Lie on your bed you need to rest.” Alone and breaking my heart. Seen by two or three doctors and more needles than a hedgehog and admitted after two or three hours. The ward I was initially admitted to made Piccadilly Circus look calm. Pushed into a side room and the door shut bang behind me. No one came. My mind going round and round like a washing machine. On and on and on….

Eventually someone came and did my observations, heart rate faster than ever and temperature 39+. No offer of a drink. Feeling lost, afraid and very lonely a tray of soup and a fruit scone with butter and jam. (May I add here that I am a diabetic!!) A nurse eventually appears explaining how busy she is and hasn’t alot of time so we must be snappy. Questions answered as efficiently as I could and obs carried out again with no improvement. Another hour or two passes by shaking from head to toe. Thirsty is not the word. Then as fast as lightening “You’re not staying here pop into this chair and we’ll wheel you to another ward…

On reaching the new ward I was welcomed with a beautiful smile, shown to my bed and offered tea and toast!!!! After I had settled more obs done again, all out of sink. Iced bottled water was given to me. That was it for three days, no sleep at all not even a second. A pulse faster than lightening and a temperature going on 40 degrees plus. I was icy cold yet no covers allowed as the temperature just refused to budge. Oxygen administered twenty four seven and IV drugs going through. Hourly obs. My oh my where had this thing come from? The staff so caring, but I must admit tough, they had to be tough. I wanted covers and I couldn’t have covers!! Drink they said drink and get some sleep. How can I drink and sleep at the same time?!! My body jerking involuntary movements all over, no control what so ever.

The third day I felt better, managed a bit of food. I cannot call it nourishment!!! Observations balancing out on the high side of normal. That night I slept. It was heaven. I woke the next morning feeling much better. IVI still in situ but that was a very small price to pay.

Gradually over the next few days I was seen by many professionals and things began to get calmer. Video calls from my husband and telephone calls with my beautiful mum cheered me up no end. I moved bays and the company did me good too.

I begged, deeply begged to come home and on the sixth day I did. My husband was there faster than lightening.

The above is a very brief summary of what this terrible virus is like. It’s played down to a great extent. Certainly along way from being well. It’s left me weak and I’m afraid depression may be kicking in. However that I can cope with.

All I ask is that you protect yourself, protect others and never ever take the National Health Service ” for granted. It must be the most precious thing in this country. I dread to think where I would be without a vaccination freely given to me.




Please stay safe, this thing is quite simply evil!!!

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