Little things…

As we are moving more and more into a materialistic world. As the trend seems to be more, more, more. As people seem to want perfection through whatever means it takes to get it. The perfect house, the perfect car, the designer clothes and labels. I feel sad!!! Whatever happened!!! What happened to the beautiful little things that mean so much… Does anyone know what the little things are anymore? I doubt it very much!!!

A smile to a stranger you pass in the street. Giving your seat to someone on public transport. Letting someone ahead of you in a queue. Putting a small tin in a food bank box as you pass with your trolley full of everything you want rather than need. Giving clothes to charity, not only clothes but books or anything you don’t want anymore. The list is quite simply endless.

We live in a wonderful world. A beautiful world, yet we hurry about our day in our own chaos. When do we stop and look for rainbows in raindrops? When do we watch the sea being driven by the moon? Do we hear the birds welcoming a new day? The snow gracefully falling till it touches the ground, the leaves fall from the trees to make way for new growth… Ahh the little things…

Do we really know what love is anymore? That caring hug to someone we don’t know, just to say we care. That feeling when someone walks through the door and you know lifes not so bad after all. When you can sit in silence with someone and still feel comfortable, because that silence speaks a thousand “I love you’s.” Love doesn’t cost anything, not real love. Real love makes me a millionairess but not in money terms. The Beatles once said “Money can’t buy me love…” and they were so right. The love I give is real and I am so glad I am able to love without persuasion or motivation. “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!!! Does this happen today?

It’s the little things that make the big things. So why, why oh why do we live in this world of greed? Why arn’t we human anymore? There is no greater gift than those given from the heart, and without a heart we cannot live…

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