What springs to mind when we think of “Soul.” Music perhaps!! Some very good music and lyrics creatively crafted under the heading “Soul.” Great artists. Do you listen to their music, really listen, or do you tap you fingers and toes to the addictive beat? It doesn’t matter its called “Soul” because that is where it captures you whatever way you listen to it.

How often do we listen to our own souls? It’s easier said than done. To know your own soul you need to really know yourself. Know your instincts, your feelings, your heart. Once familiar with these then trust comes forth. Do we trust our inner selves?

Our souls tell us more than we know ourselves. They tell what’s right and wrong. They guide us to love and save us from heartache. Souls capture emotions and guide us through difficult times. Your soul captures every heartbeat before it’s had time to reach the brain to make a thought.

Such a thing is not an organ, a physical organ like the brain or heart, it’s bigger, it carries our emotions and intuition. It’s the drive we crave for, it’s the passion we long for, it’s the fire that ignites us. It’s what and who we are.

Given all this, our souls are not unlike the beautiful music we listen to. So why oh why don’t we listen to them with as much eagerness as we sit and drown ourselves in the beautiful music. If we did perhaps life would give us a different beat…

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