Beyond Jacques Vert…

The above image was taken by a superb photographer, who always appears to capture shots that go much deeper than the naked eye can see…

Let me introduce him… Bont Photography based in North Wales. The company has its own professional website and has been operating for about a decade. The proprietor is Timothy Charlesworth. He has a great eye with street photography. His work inspires me to blog. I have all permissions to do so on the above image.

The photograph in the foreground of two ladies on a shopping mission. Mother and daughter? Taken in the days when ladies were ladies. Dressed like ladies. Proud to be feminine and walked through a busy city centre with pride and joy. They are enjoying conversation together, the body language captured tells me that. It also expresses that they are relaxed in each others company and know exactly their next destination. The emotional bond is strong, they have shared the same shop and walk at a small distance apart, in the same step together. It’s a warm day as they follow the path of the sheltering trees for a cool breeze. Busy in their own worlds they fail to see my brother capture the spirit of the moment. One moment later and it would never have happened.

Just beyond the ladies is another photographer ready to shoot the same street. Hair tied back and dressed for a mission of a different kind. Creativity alive in their head and observing people who are unaware of his presence. A shot would of been taken, I’m sure. However, would we recognise it as the very same moment the Jacques Vert ladies was taken? Same time, same street, different view!!!

Further on in the photograph we can observe other people going about their business, in their own worlds, telling us all sorts of things about themselves that they are not aware of. Non verbal communication is a wonderful thing. Listen to what people don’t say. It usually tells us alot more than they do say. Facial expressions, posture, eye to eye contact and of course the all telling pupils, large or small???

Times have changed from when this beauty was captured. I do not observe one mobile phone!!! Standards have changed. Who dresses so smartly to shop now? Who actually goes out to shop now? Sitting at home in your woolly dressing gown pushing a couple a buttons and you’ve purchased your Jacques Vert!!! I find it quite sad. Many, many a day I have enjoyed with my beautiful mum, shopping bags galore, just like those ladies. Talking incessantly about our next port of call, our next purchase, or of course where to lunch? We dressed to shop because that is what ladies do. No one can take your memories away, they are precious and should be kept in your heart.

I see life on this photograph. I feel the love, and I know the people who were captured unawares in the whole photograph have a story to tell about that one second a decade ago, when life was for living, not living on your sofa!!!

Love life and life will love you back.

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