Beauty, more than skin deep…

The above image was taken by my brother cica July 2022. His website is at the bottom right hand corner. A marvellous photographer in both fashion and street photography. Go over to his website you will be amazed…

So, let’s take a look at this shot. Stunning, absolutely stunning. Captured at just the right moment. His model Rachel is obviously beautiful in the obvious sense of the word. Long, flowing locks of hair that falls naturally around her shoulders. A face that in itself could capture many of adoring words over and over. Eyes hid behind shaded glasses and a hand carefully manicured resting on her chin. From there you can’t miss her lips that highlight the image. Her skin so flawless and young, fresh and relaxed. Beauty, natural beauty is of abundance here.

Look deeper into the shot. Rachel radiates true beauty. A beauty rarely seen today. A beauty that goes much deeper than her looks. She poses in deep thought. Look carefully at her eyes. Eyes give so much away without saying a word. Her pupils enlarged. That tells us she is in a good place. A place of calm. (Who wouldn’t be with my brother photographing them!!!) Eyes are where you see real beauty. You can see that she has a soul. She feels with her heart. Eyes tell us so much. Even the heaviest of eye make up cannot conceal what eyes tell us if we choose to look deeper.

Her overall demour is relaxed as she studies whatever has captured her beautiful mind. The body language she displays so naturally, are all clues that her mind is beautiful. Her heart shines through her natural beauty.

When you look at shots so superbly taken. What do you see? Do you only see the person and their obvious features? Do you take a step back and observe what’s really going on?

In life we need to sometimes take a step back. Listen to the unheard words. Observe all angles. Not just obvious attributes. Look within people’s eyes and hearts. There you will find untold stories. You will find soul. You will find your worth and other people’s worth. Not all is what it seems on face value. True beauty comes from within and radiates out. True beauty is more than skin deep as you can see demonstrated so well in this shot.

Every picture tells a story. Beauty is from the inside and blossoms when it reaches the surface that every naked eye can see. Look for inner beauty. It’s so much more than words can express… Go inside its always more interesting and truthful…

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