New Year

“It’s new years eve and hopes are high, let one year in, kiss one goodbye” (Sir Elton John)

Doesn’t that lyric resonate with everyone. Even if you don’t celebrate the occasion. Inside, deep inside, there’s always a feeling, a hope, and to some extent, a relief. It’s the thought of new beginnings!!

So tonight, as we are all doing our own things in whatever way we choose, there is no getting away from the fact that 2022 is ceasing to be, and 2023 will start a new.

Each and every one of us lives at some point in our lives for fresh starts. Starting over. Perhaps an era that’s ended, perhaps a wedding or even the death of someone close. We have to stop, pause, rethink, and let go. That’s how life is. Life with its ups and down. Success’s and failures. Life with its positivity and negativity. There’s one thing for sure, it goes on!!!

Today is the last day of a year thats been a tough one for me personally. Alot of endings and new beginnings. I finished a long career working with children and embarked on a new path. It was a positive move but very different and challenging. However, the change has had a positive impact and kept my mind a fresh, with new things to learn. Always a good thing.

On a less positive note, health has been poor. I continue to battle each day. Lots of hospital appointments and new treatment regimes. A stay in hospital that some may say self-inflicted. However, when days are dark, and nights even darker and desperation kick in, these things happen. Desperation has been a gift to me many times. This year, it’s taught me to let go of people, places, and things. To stay safe in my world!!

“It’s New years Eve, and hopes are high, let one year in, kiss one goodbye.” Perhaps we should celebrate every night at midnight. After all, each day is a new beginning…

I wish everyone who reads my writings gets something from them to take away. My main purpose in life is to help others in this ever struggling, difficult world. I wish you health and happiness, but, most of all, love for 2023. Love is the greatest thing in the world. So go forth into the new year with love in your heart and soul, and you should stand in good stead for 2023.

Happy new year!!!

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