As time goes by…

Time is always moving forward. Its impossible for it to stand stationary, move parallel, or go back. It moves forward and passes us by.

Seconds into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into months, months into years and so it goes. It passes us by. Sometimes if we blink we miss it.

Daily routines take time, chores and commitments take time. However we all have the same amount of time.

Life is a precious gift given to us. Are we grateful for this gift. Sadly so few are. Many people take so much for granted. Waking up in a morning. We trust we do that, hot water and heating, food on the table and enough money to have comfortable, cosy lives. Where would we be if these luxurious gifts were taken away? Ask yourself if you would cope. Can you reach deep into your hearts long enough to do that? I doubt many can. Have you enough vision to understand a little for people who don’t have such grand materials? Do you have a little understanding for folks who struggle day after day with both physical and mental disorders that they are so uncomfortable even a warm bath or shower is too painful? Are you able to take some time as it passes by to ask “How are you feeling?” “Can I help?” Are you able to see suffering or helplessness without being told?

As time passes by its important to see fellow men, to understand that there’s more to life than our own vision. A hungry man on the street his time passes by. Alot of these people are there through no fault of there own. Yet we rush by, to get back to our own warm homes. Children in unsafe environments is always on the increase. Do we spend any moments of our time thinking of them? The list can go on and on.

Time goes by for everyone. We need to start using it wisely, giving generously our time to make a cruel world a better place. We need to reach down in our hearts and wake up to a reality that life does not end at our comfortable doorsteps. There is no greater gift in this world than helping others. No greater gift than having the rare emotions of sympathy and empathy. No greater gift to give than true love for a fellow whose time that is passing by unfavourably.

As we venture into a new year, following a year of uncertainty and confusion, let us hope we can find humanity. Let us hope that next year hearts will be bigger and vision wider. Let us be understanding and open our hearts, arms and souls to letting time go by more easily and lovingly to all the human race…

On and on and on…

Its 5am. Shhh. Not a sound can be heard, except the quite ticking of a clock. The sun has not yet risen. The birds have not yet broke into tune. The darkness thick and the world sleeps…

Its 5am. Its noisy, its dashing and rushing. Not a moments peace. Shouting, screaming. The pace is fast, its furious. The wheels turning, round and round, faster and faster. Is it, will it ever stop. Sleep, oh yes sleep, but the mind does not stop. On and on and on it goes. Do I ever rest, do I ever really sleep? The pace is hard, its all up hill, steeper and steeper it goes. The cogs keep turning, my mind just will not stop.

The pain you can’t imagine. A spear stuck in my heart, from head to toe it hurts. Yes, its hard to believe, to the average human, you just can not explain. They sleep at 5am, while I feel isolated, alone and afraid.

Life has happened, life has hurt. I cannot remember when life really didn’t hurt. Its cut, its stabbed, its kicked and pulled. I fell and fell and fell again. People have come, mainly for a season, taken, taken and taken again. Used the kindness from my heart then left when used my life for free. Friends who I thought were forever, lead me to places I really didn’t want to be. I was useful, for that I’m glad. Glad I gave the best of me.

Disregarded, I don’t know. It was all so long ago. Why can’t I just let it go!! The list you see is endless. Social media doesn’t help, its a tool that can be useful or a tool that can destroy!! With a mind so full of resentment and heart bleeding hurt, the control can be unconsciously blinded and then you’ve done it looked again, at the past in the present and bang the mind has gone.

So, on and on and on, no rest at all in sight. Given my life, my heart to others are they really worth this constant fight.

On and on and on, the mind like time will not end…

Let go!!! Let go!!!

You often hear people talking about letting go. What does this paraphrase mean? To many its what they want it to mean. Others may see it as abandonment, leaving alone or simply walking away. The dictionary disagrees with this, it states ” to stop thinking about or being angry about.” It explains it so simply, yet, in practice it is such a hard thing to do.

When you love someone so much, to ” let go” is hard. It hurts like a knife being stabbed in your heart. (This is if you have a heart that feels!!! Many don’t.) However when the hurt, the physical and emotional hurt are so bad, your body actually let’s go of that pain for you. Your mind blocks and physically drained you have no option. It’s a natural form of self preservation.

To let go is not to stop loving, caring and feeling, its a means of saying “I can’t do this anymore.” To let go is not to abandon, its letting people carry on their lives as they wish, allowing them to feel and take stock of the consequences of their own actions, whatever they may be. To let go is giving you permission to make space in your own life and heart to do what you think and feel, thus enabling yourself a more content and peaceful existence.

Fill a balloon with air till its as tight as can be without bursting. The tension and pressure tightens the balloon. Now, let it go, whizz, fizz it looses its pressure and floats away. Imagine now, that balloon is your mind, full of thoughts, crying out for help. Eventually the pressure is so intense, pounding, thudding, and tighter and tighter it becomes. At the very same time your heart is doing the same. The human body, such a marvellous thing kicks in and you just let go. What an absolute relief!!!!

Everyone has the right to live the lives they want. To try and alter that is surely an invasion of their rights. So if people are oblivious to your physical and emotional wellbeing, eventually you will see the light. Love them dearly, its a wonderful gift, love, but let them go. Holding on hurts, and may eventually break you like a balloon bursts.

To let go, with love leaves you space to grow and live your own life too…

What a wonderful feeling…


A funny thing time…

Is it what we see on the clock? Is it a table of events? Is it a diary of memorable data? Time is really an invisible thing, yet something we are unable to stop, or take back. Time only moves forward.

What we do with time is however generally what we choose. We may not be able to choose our hours of work. However we can choose, what we do in our work!! Our leisure time is generally up to us to decide.

Time is freely given to us. Do we appreciate it? Time is easily, very easily wasted. Why do we waste something so very special? Procrastination steals our lives just as magpies steal other birds nests. Time is fair, it treats each human the same, it gives the individual twenty four hours and then repeats. All our days are made up of twenty four hours.

I, myself, me, have had many twenty four hours. Have I used them all wisely? The answer to that is a straight NO. My time wasted must add up to years, it does add up to years. Life has dealt me a quantity of blows and knocks that sometimes overwhelm, and take over. Regrets I have many. Dwelling on these times and regrets only takes up valuable and cherished times I have today. Those less favourable years have never gone to waste, as I use that time to really appreciate each new day given, given to me freely, as a gift, the time now is present, a present is a gift.

People have walked in my life that I thought would be there forever, they went in the wind, to where I’ll never know. People who I thought would only stay for the blink of an eye, are present today and have been for many days, months and years. We never know with time, what it will bring. We can plan. I am a planner, but I certainly never anticipated alot of my road, my journey. Thats fine today. As today is good. And today is all we have. Yesterday has gone, never to be lived again. Tomorrow is not here yet…

So in this time, in this present time, love with all your heart, give all you have to give, capture every moment, yes even the the poor ones, capture them, hold them, and cherish life for everything it gives you. Then my friends your time will tell a story like no one else’s.



If we are lucky enough by the time we are six weeks old we will have full vision given to us freely through our eyes. We will recognise our parents and other people through their voices before sight is sought. Most people, most days take vision for granted, and why not. Its always been there…

Vision, we can see when we awake in the morning, open the curtains and see the weather, open the diary and see what lies ahead, open the cupboard or fridge door to choose our beverage or food. The list is endless and taken very much for granted.

However is vision really what we see?

Vision is surely deeper than that, its an understanding of the world, its a feeling of right and wrong, its spiritual. A blind person can sometimes see more than a person who has 20:20 vision.

To see clearly you need to relate, communicate and open up to everything. As humans we all get comfortable in our own worlds, oblivious to others. After all our own worlds are safe, secure and manageable. However nice this maybe, what do we see, really see. We only have vision for what we want.

Vision surely isn’t that. Vision is searching and looking beyond, behind, underneath and far. Vision is understanding other points of view even though sometimes we may not agree. Vision is not selfish its about knowing other people and their needs and wants as well as our own. Its seeing the world for the good and the bad and knowing what goes on outside our own domain.

Through vision we gain understanding, compassion, senativity, sympathy and empathy. Through vision we gain knowledge and understanding. Through vision we find ourselves. If we settle into our comfortable worlds with no vision how can we possibly know ourselves? There is nothing to focus on.

The old saying endorses this; “There’s more to -‐——, than meets the eye!!!! There is more to everything than meets the eye. Its what we choose to see. People have the highest degrees, diplomas. People have materialistic things oozing out of their ears and that 20:20 vision mentioned earlier. The question is “How much do they really see?”

Vision, far much more than a pair of eyes. Use your vision wisely and a wise man you will be….


June 2020, and the six months that have just past have been incredibly different from what we all know as “normal.” Covid 19 hit the UK. The country stood still, shh. The roads had little traffic, airports no planes, schools shut and hospital staff at all levels worked around the clock to try and fight something no one could see with the naked eye.

No one can see what has brought this international fear, economic insecurity and complete different way of living, almost over night. A war, a war on a virus across the world. The human race powerless.

Politicians debated into the long night hours, delivery services from supermarkets were at an all time high, as well as other services postal and such like. The world changed in an instant.

Then all over the country, in windows far and wide rainbows appeared. Painted ones, embroided ones, lace ones, sticky ones, banners and greeting cards. Rainbows everywhere. The country full of visible colour to cheer the folk, to bring a small token of hope. They brightened up a dull and gloomy atmosphere. Simple rainbows.

Lockdown eased in England, shops opening, dates for hairdressers and licensed premises to restart business all appeared brighter. But… will things ever be bright again?

At this time, riots are becoming headline news on a daily basis. People losing lives, not from Covid 19, from brutal attacks that the naked eye can see. Anger is dominant throughout the nation and globally too. Just like the virus, it’s sweeping through. Anger one letter away from danger!!!

So why, why, display rainbows to show hope, hope for a pot of gold at the end of it? Will there ever be an end? Covid 19 will surely stay as all virues do, HIV has. Progress will be made to find a vaccine. Perhaps that is what the beautiful rainbows were for. However, what about the aftermath, the anger, the frustration at all levels from the Government to the person staying home and staying safe. Do rainbows bring us hope? Will the world ever be the same again…???

Rainbows, beautiful, colourful, a gift from God, so why do humans destroy the meaning of the rainbow.

The Rose

The Rose, a beautiful flower, comes in all shapes and sizes. Some can climb, others can stand tall, while others bush out. Each rose individual. They may look the same but on detailed inspection, like identical twins, there are differences.

I was sent a rose from my mother’s garden the other day. I could see that once it bloomed it was going to be a golden orange colour. I placed it in water in a stem vase. I have watched it carefully as the days have gone by. The sentiment behind was love. As each day passed by I have seen it change. Starting off being a tight bud that really wasn’t much to look at. It’s thorns on the stem were very apparent and the bud tense almost with anger. Each day it let go a little, until after a few days the most beautiful bloom appeared. Vibrant and bright with the most delicate of fragrances. It stood tall in all its glory adding a little piece of love to my living. Once bloomed the thorns, you could not see because of the sheer beauty of a single rose. The Rose did this as that is what nature intended it to do.

Compare, for just one minute a person to a rose… Standing tall and tense, covered in a tight skin and only thorns to show. This person weighed down with problems of day to day living, not a minute to spare. Dealing with this and then dealing with that. Watching the clock for deadlines. Conversations to have, conversations had, all those thorns visible to their fellow man. Gradually time moves on and it’s holiday time. The outer layer of tension releases itself, and slowly, everyday that single individual blooms. Blooms a ray of colour, oh so relaxed and in its own glory. Beauty sheer beauty announces itself to the world. The thorns invisible as the tension eases. Beauty beyond words.

Next time the day is hard, the deadlines are heavy, pressures are building and that outer layer is tight and prickly, think of a rose, talk to someone near, share your fears and frustrations, loosen up your outer layer, and bloom. Bloom like the rose. Life is meant to be beautiful, bright and glowing, not stuck in a tight bud. Just blossom as that is what life is all about.


It’s 2020!!! The year of Covid 19 in Great Britain. England fell asleep except for “key workers.” Politcians took up thier stance and with every effort and power they had politely asked us to “Stay home to stay safe.” Many did. Others thought they knew better. “STAY HOME” was the slogan.

Many had to work tirelessly, the NHS like it has never done in my lifetime. Doctors, nurses, and all other professionals working in the great scheme of things to risk their lives to save others. Long, long twelve to fourteen hour shifts no breaks and probably little respect.

It’s 2020, the year of Covid 19, “STAY HOME.” The postman, milkman, delivery men and supermarket staff working endless hours for our needs and wants. No pay rise, no thanks, just turn up!!

Safer procedures put into place for industrial workers. PPE, ordered and used to abundance. Building sites have new safety guidelines as do many other industries. Great Britain in chaos as well as the rest of the world.

All these people from members of parliament to supermarket cleaners working tirelessly for the kingdom to keep Britain working, rolling and moving. Hats should be taken off to each and everyone of them. A world gone mad by something the naked eye is unable to see.

Then there are others unable to go out of their own homes for risk of catching the virus, because of the vulnerabilities they have. Letters sent out from doctors. Please stay home. These people so delicate that if the virus catches them, lives would be at stake. Isolation is the only answer. For these human beings it’s a different story. Dependance on others is a must, and extremely frustrating. Food shopping done by members of the family. Posting letters reliant on others all the small things we take for granted and often complain about has to be handed over. Covid 19 has more than shown it’s place and power.

Isolation is lonely and despairing. Even with the brilliance of modern technology. “I’ll zoom you” “I’ll Skype you” “I’ll email you” “I’ll text you,” kindness is beautiful and should never be taken for granted. But the isolation is torment, painful and lonely.

Your mind going round like the rippling effect of a pond when a stone is thrown in. “What shall I do today?” “Whom shall I call?” Routines thrown out of the window as “I’ll do it tomorrow” kicks in. Hobbies at home that you once enjoyed become tedious and a chore. The vicious circle of shall I, well I could but perhaps not, then back again to shall I? Powerlessness of not being able makes you paralysed. Your mind is no safe place, dark, deep, deep dark thoughts compile in your head.

Please don’t think that this Covid 19 is great, it’s killing people in more ways than one. It’s taking more than lives. It’s taking sanity. It’s taking people and making them into people they just aren’t.

Isolation is as hard as going to work in these very trying times. No one’s getting of lightly.

Covid 19, the killer of killers!!!


As we continue to live in the crisis of the year 2020 we are observing the world and all its charms through new eyes. To most people it’s very different and everyday lives have taken on a new meaning as well as a fresh way of living.

Life is quieter, slower and dare I say it peaceful. We are looking at new ways of working, resting, exercising and of course entertaining ourselves.

The internet is being used as it has never done before. As life has moved on from the mid eighties through the nineties and into the noughties, technology has also progressed. Having never really considered it before, and being no tech expert I have always just muddled through. I give myself credit, ( this I may add is a very rare occurance) that I do pick up these things fairly quickly. Where would we be today without it. Without our computers, iPad’s, iPhones, and plentiful other devices. We probably cannot answer that because we take it all so much granted.

Through today’s technology and these very uncertain, demanding and isolating times we find ourselves communicating through many media platforms. The land line, the mobile phone, using text, email, whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn and more besides. Marvellous. The world wide web, helping us stay connected to our friends, family and our own world. Groups we belong to, churches can still worship, the list is endless…

This brings me to the point of fellowship. “A friendly association especially with people who shares ones interests.” Fellowship a wonderful thing. It’s something that we probably take for granted normally through our groups. That may be at a gym, a yoga class, a walking group, a book group and so on. However the world has gone to sleep for a while and so must we. However in today’s world there is no need to loose touch with our fellows. To keep showing our love, support and friendship. To share our thoughts, feelings, views and hopes. Where would we be in these isolating, hard and different times with out our fellows.

We are finding the human race, being brought together, giving more love and support than it ever has is my fifty plus years on this earth. We are managing to do this whilst the world sleeps and we are apart. That is true fellowship. A beautiful, delicate yet extremely strong force come about through isolation and social distancing.

Marvellous, simply marvellous. Here’s to fellowship we as human beings have found, well for now at least…