Front doors and Garden gates

Front doors and garden gates are what might be called “Our Boundaries.” I see them as my little space on earth, granted to me, to dwell, to love and to serve.

Home is much more than a place to go when we have nowhere else to go or be. Home is safety and security. A place to live with people we share our lives with. It consists of all manner of things we both need and want. It tells others in ways we don’t know things about us, our lives, and experiences. It even tells people our personality and passions in life. Home is our world, our territory, and the place where we belong.

The above is in an ideal world. I have a home like this, and every second of every day, I am grateful for that beautiful place.

If you step outside your home a massive world, you will find. Not in the geographical sense. We can all do that. Look at your local area, town, or city. That’s part of the world. Outside the cosiness and comfort we live in. There’s an increasing number of unsafe homes. Some people fear home as home can be a dangerous place.

There are homes where people live in damp. Homes where its drafty and cold. Home where food is not abundant. Can you imagine not even having a blanket, let alone central heating when it’s cold. Can you?

There are those who are not quite understanding of this. We live in a very selfish world, with class divides that are becoming increasingly larger. People out for themselves and little interest in others. Walking past food banks and homeless humans just wanting and needing someone to be kind them. Ignorance is bliss, or so they say. To me, ignorance is not bliss. Its narrow minded and unloving.

Everyone has a story to tell. Mine is long and painful. I haven’t always had my little piece of the world. Strength, determination, and faith has given it to me. I have scars that are physical, which remind me of yesteryear. The emotional ones I can not always cover up like I can the physical ones. I live with these and pain is raw. However, my story is weak compared to those people who can not afford a square meal through no fault of their own. Genuine souls searching earnestly like I did. The difference is they have no light.

Why then in this world today do we walk on by. Simply not caring and understanding others. I believe in the 1930’s, 40’s 50’s and 60’s even into the 70s, people shared their worlds, opened up their homes, looked after their fellows. Sadly, this is not present today for 80% of people. Today, “dog eat dog” is an under estimation.

I am so grateful for what I have between my front door and garden gate today. I open up my home to many. I give, give, give. Why?Because the way life has taken me. I understand the world. I understand humans, and I love with all my heart as my heart is full of gratitude.

How grateful are you each time you put the kettle on in your little piece of the world? Perhaps humans choose to be nieve because its safer for them. Safer for them not to understand.

Pause and ponder as you walk past a food bank or charity shop. As you go by back to your front door and garden gate!!!

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