Loyalty, a word that connects both commitment and love. A word rarely used these days let alone put into practice.

Loyalty”… To be loyal you need to love with all your heart. Dedication could also be used in a similar way. Loyalty is not about tokens, making use of or just talking, its about action. Surely if you love someone or something deeply you are loyal to them, you commit to them and you give love unconditionally to them. This can be anything from a shabby old teddy bear to your partner.

Today real loyalty, like alot of other things is becoming a thing of the past. The world is dog eat dog, wanting more and wanting better. Love, loyalty and commitment are blowing away in the wind and being replaced by an ever increasing materialistic, uncaring and greedy world. All the good things in life that are free and are worth more do not matter.

People talk of work / life balance. What about throwing in a little bit of love, commitment and loyalty to make this world a place full of humans not heathens.

Loyalty, love, commitment and kindness. Sounds much nicer to me. Loyalty means love, not spend and save points . Loyalty means dedication and caring, not using and abusing. Is loyalty a thing of the past?

Pause and ponder!!!!

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