According to the “English Dictionary” Fairness  is ” The quality of treating people equally or in a way that is right or responsible”

The dictionary states that this is a “Quality”.  Quality has gone out  a lot in life today. Well real quality has. People feel they have a quality life if they are materially well off, or at least appear to be to the naked eye.  This is not always the case. Just as “Fairness” is not always what it seems.  How one person is treated can be polar a parts from how others are treated in the same situation. You can be waiting in a long queue and when a person serving in the queue recognises you , you can jump the queue. This is unfair. Unfair for the people waiting, they have to wait longer. Unfair on the person, as they then instantly feel grandiose to the others in the queue and unfair on the person who is serving as people then have a very dim view on them and their decision.

To treat people fairly is not to treat them equally. It is to look at a situation from all sides and to be fair!!! Remember “Fairness is a quality” the English dictionary tells us this. To be fair you have to be rational and to be rational you have to be fair. Does society today teach us to be fair or is it “Dog eat dog”.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people were fair and then a quality life would eventually be attainable.

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