Have you ever studied a tree? It’s a beautiful thing, whatever type. Strong, bold, sturdy and deep rooted. They come, as we do in all shapes and sizes, colours and moulds. Each unique in its own way, independant of each other but thrive when in the right conditions. Out of small acorns mighty oaks grow.

Trees if you study them closely are like life. Little saplings depend on being watered, put in the right conditions and cherished. As they develop they produce branches that are people we meet along the way. From those branches more branches appear and so it goes on. The difference between humans and trees is quite obvious, trees hold on to every branch. Humans let go and forget.

As we go through life, living day to day, week by week, year by year, our branches grow as we meet people along the way. Our lives spread out and grow like trees. The difference is people don’t stay together like trees, they disperse into different directions and let go, wham bam, when when they have had enough or that certain branch is no longer any use to them. A tree is much mighter than that, it holds on, blossoms, and blooms, gets stronger and beautiful and encourages it’s weaker parts to do the same.

I browse through social media sometimes and it saddens me. People I have known, helped and encouraged in life’s times and trials. I see only as far as the media takes me, they are happy, successful and content. Their trees have blossomed. This gives me great pleasure. However when my tree, my personal tree became a weeping willow, I stood alone, isolated, looking down at the devil. Why do people let go when you have loved them, befriended them, encouraged them? Why can’t people give back what has been given to them so freely. Why can’t people be like those beautiful mighty oaks?

The human race is far too materialistic, far too selfish, far more interested in what it looks like. The human race needs to be like mother nature, strong, vibrant, and beautiful even on a bad day. Eyores friends pooh and piglet included him in the forest full of trees. Poor Eyore, he was sad, but his friends stood by him. Why can’t people be like our childhood friends in the forest?

I would like to say today, that I am more of an oak tree than a weeping willow. However I would never, ever turn my back on a weeping willow. Why because they are as beautiful as the mighty oak, it’s just not that obvious.

Ask yourself, what do you do?

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