Body Talks

Trapped in a body, that’s really not right. To the outside world you seem so bright. Wearing a smile and joking away, you must be ok, you’re so bright and gay!!!

How many people struggle everyday and no one knows. It becomes a habit to act. To enhance your life, to cover up. People can be so cruel and judgemental. Putting weight on again? New clothes again? However the eyes can be blind even though we see.

I need inhalers to get out of bed in a morning, followed by a cocktail of painkillers after I have eaten, cream needs to be applied to my skin at least twice a day. I bathe in cream and have my shampoo and toothpaste prescribed. Washing powder has to be carefully selected and what I look at on a menu needs vetting when out to eat. Weight is gained through steroids regularly prescribed, just so I can breathe. Then of course “happy pills” one by one.

The description above is only a taste of what I require. However I know there are a lot of people worse off than me. So I remain grateful. I have a good life. I have love. I have true friends. I have a beautiful home and a lovely car. I go on holidays I never thought I would. I cannot and will not complain.

When you walk around, do you ever watch people. If you do, how far do you see. Do you judge, or, do you look further into their book.

It’s a sad world out there. It’s getting worse. Fifty years ago neighbours helped each other. Families rallied round. You could chat to someone in a bus queue without worrying. Helping the disabled to embark and disembark public transport. Today life is absent from this. Today people don’t see,or WON’T see.

Your body talks to you, as mine does, but do people see behind what their vision gives them? Look, look, and look again. Never be afraid to ask “How are you?” Don’t ask once ask again and again until you get the truth. It’s ok to ask. It shows you care. Remember sometimes people’s bodies are talking to them very differently from what you see and hear.


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