“Letting Go”

Letting go of what could of been, what should of been or what you want, is one matter in itself. Letting go of people is another matter.

To let go doesn’t mean to abandon, forget or discard. It simply means to understand you cannot control, dominate or keep hold of. There is a saying “You have to let go to keep it”

If you let go of a balloon filled with helium you give that balloon a freedom to do what it wants. Off it goes up in the air, up, up, up in to the clouds and disappears.

In life we come across many situations that perhaps we want to control. Our minds spin, spin, spin thinking of how we can control a situation. We also meet people along the way whom we are sure will be life long friends, but, circumstances change. We can have conflicts, it’s only human, we can get hurt deeply, we can love and loose, all these situations can bring our minds into turmoil. It usually happens to the more sensitive of the human race. However those people are probably the best ones to keep hold of and not let go!!!

To let go of hurt, is hard. Yet, if we don’t the hurt will break us. The people who hurt us are usually ones who have little or no emotion. Stuck in their own worlds. The emotion of hurt though keeps us stuck and therefore unable to move on.

To let go doesn’t mean you don’t care or love, it means you are allowing people to lead their own lives, and it gives you the freedom to live your life.

Holding on to situations, people and circumstances keeps you a prisoner. Letting go means freedom. Freedom for you, from resentment, from hurt and emotional insecurity. Freedom for people who choose another path.

Letting go should always be done with love. You have to really love someone or something to let them go. We all have our own journeys, our own paths. Our own freedom, if we choose it. Loving someone enough to let them go, to let them lead their own lives may hurt for a while, maybe longer but in the end, your heart will tell you it’s right. Let go with love, and if love is right, whatever the relationship they will come back. If not then holding on will hurt you more.

Let go, let go with love. After all love is the greatest gift and can conquer all.

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