If you look at this picture deeply, what do you see? A very attractive lady, vibrant, beautiful, bright and in deep thought.

When I look at pictures I go further than the vision it gives me. The above picture tells me the lady is thinking about memories.

Memories are so important, no one can ever take them away. We carry them in our minds. However the best ones we keep in our hearts, alive and vibrant.

Memories are so wonderful. Good and bad. As humans we learn, or we should learn from the bad ones. If we do then they are not so bad, are they? Good memories should be nurtured and taken care of. Loved tenderly and visited often. Memories are valuable like gold. If we didn’t have them we wouldn’t be the people we are.

Life is what it is, people come and go, some people come back again, who knows. The right ones usually stay around. The people who fade into memories have left us with things to treasure, things to remember and that in itself is beautiful.

As time passes by, the negative memories fade, the good ones stay. We may not think about them everyday but they are there. Rather like stars.

We need memories so we can share life’s experiences, adventures, good times and bad. To share is generous gift. Make memories, share memories, love memories because memories are what makes us, us!!!

Memories are like gold, precious, a good investment and a delight to share”

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