Let go!!! Let go!!!

You often hear people talking about letting go. What does this paraphrase mean? To many its what they want it to mean. Others may see it as abandonment, leaving alone or simply walking away. The dictionary disagrees with this, it states ” to stop thinking about or being angry about.” It explains it so simply, yet, in practice it is such a hard thing to do.

When you love someone so much, to ” let go” is hard. It hurts like a knife being stabbed in your heart. (This is if you have a heart that feels!!! Many don’t.) However when the hurt, the physical and emotional hurt are so bad, your body actually let’s go of that pain for you. Your mind blocks and physically drained you have no option. It’s a natural form of self preservation.

To let go is not to stop loving, caring and feeling, its a means of saying “I can’t do this anymore.” To let go is not to abandon, its letting people carry on their lives as they wish, allowing them to feel and take stock of the consequences of their own actions, whatever they may be. To let go is giving you permission to make space in your own life and heart to do what you think and feel, thus enabling yourself a more content and peaceful existence.

Fill a balloon with air till its as tight as can be without bursting. The tension and pressure tightens the balloon. Now, let it go, whizz, fizz it looses its pressure and floats away. Imagine now, that balloon is your mind, full of thoughts, crying out for help. Eventually the pressure is so intense, pounding, thudding, and tighter and tighter it becomes. At the very same time your heart is doing the same. The human body, such a marvellous thing kicks in and you just let go. What an absolute relief!!!!

Everyone has the right to live the lives they want. To try and alter that is surely an invasion of their rights. So if people are oblivious to your physical and emotional wellbeing, eventually you will see the light. Love them dearly, its a wonderful gift, love, but let them go. Holding on hurts, and may eventually break you like a balloon bursts.

To let go, with love leaves you space to grow and live your own life too…

What a wonderful feeling…

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